Author: Robert

Modern people, primarily in cities, are used to comfort. They do not carry water from the well, but get it by opening a tap in the kitchen or bathroom. The same situation is with drainage, heat in apartment buildings from centralized boilers. All this involves a whole network of utilities that constantly need to be maintained in working order. My profession is called a sanitary technician. I am obliged to leave a satisfied client, having done quality work not only on the surface, but also where the client cannot look and appreciate.I have been doing everything in the house with my own hands since childhood, it gave me pleasure. My job is an opportunity to do something that gives me pleasure. Besides, a customer shaking my hand and thanking me wholeheartedly is also a definite plus. And also, I recently opened plumbing courses for ordinary users of plumbing, non-professionals who want to do everything themselves, but do not have a teacher, an assistant, who would tell them in detail about the repair of their faucet, toilet, sink.
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