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How to use the above ground pool pump efficiently


What better way to relax on a hot day than in an above ground pool. If you just own a beautiful pool, you may have a lot of questions about the operation. And the main question you’ll want to know the answer to is how long you can let the pump run.
Definitely, the pool pump is the heart . Without a proper flow of water, as well as filtration, you will not be able to enjoy swimming in the pool. So, let’s find out how long your above ground pool pump should last.
The pump keeps the water fresh and clean by distributing water inside and outside the pool. The pump also promotes filtration, which is very important to prevent the accumulation of chemicals, dirt and bits of dirt.
Note that in an in-ground pool without good water circulation there is a risk of algae formation.Without this, your pool will not be safe for you and your family.

It is also very important to pay attention to the following above ground pool :

First, you need to know how much water the pump filters . This is essential to know how long your pump should work.
Secondly, you need to know the temperature level, as well as the chemical balance of the pool.

Make a clear plan that will help you properly manage your pool pump. Note that having a schedule will make it much easier, so you won’t forget anything and you can look up various indicators in the program at any time.
A computerized swimming pool pump over time?
If you don’t currently have a pool pump, make sure you buy a pump that can handle the amount of your pool. Then we have to calculate the pool pump over time.
The very first step is to calculate the volume of your in-ground pool. For a rectangular pool, increase the size by the depth value by 7.5 to get the pool’s quantity in gallons. Increase the size by the diameter by 5.9 by the depth if you have a round pool. Finally, increase the width by the depth by 5.9 if you have an oval pool.

Did you know there is such a tipster like an online calculator?

Yes, numerous online calculators can help you determine the volume of your pool in seconds. Online calculators are a very useful thing which gives a great opportunity not to make a mistake in the calculations!
Calculate GPH
The next sensible step is to figure out your pump’s capacity once you understand how much water you have in your above ground pool. Note that pump capacity describes the time it takes for the pump to pump the entire amount of water in the pool through the filter.
Just open your pump owner’s manual and also keep in mind GPH (gallons per hour). Many manufacturers will certainly show the GPH in the manual to help you determine the pump’s capabilities in your pool.

But, what do you do if you don’t have a manual?


Another tip – just browse the internet, look for the version of your pool pump! You will quickly find pool equipment manuals to help you determine the GPH.
You’ll probably get a lot of confusing answers if you just do a web search on how long an in-ground pump should run. Some experts will certainly advise you to run the pump once a day, while others will advise you to run it twice a day.

But, the best solution will depend on two very important elements, how long or how much you use your pool, as well as how much debris accumulates in your pool. Experience shows that the more people in the pool, the dirtier it gets!

ground pool pump

How easy is it to calculate the filtration circle?

How easy it is to determine the pump run time when you know the GPH of the pump and the amount of your pool. The amount of turnover is determined by dividing the pool volume by the GPH.
How long you need to run your pool pump depends on its pool capacity. For example, that your in-ground pool has a volume of 15,000 gallons of water. You are using a pump with a capacity of 2,500 gallons per hour. This indicates that you need to run the pump for at least 6 hours to filter all the water in the above ground pool.

When should I start the pump?

Keep in mind that when you are in the pool, you must run the above ground pool pump .This ensures that you do not need to run the pump multiple times throughout the day. However, if you choose to attach the system to the speed pump, you should run it during the night for ideal results. This will reduce your energy consumption and save you some money on energy.
Energy consumption is known to vary from region to region.

The location of the above ground pool pump?


Of course, when you choose a pool pump, you will certainly choose a pump with the characteristics you want. Note that the type of pump you use will have a big impact on how long it takes you to get it up and running. For starters, an extra powerful pool pump, will distribute water faster.
Consequently, you will need to run the pool pump for a shorter period of time to save time and energy consumption. This will also depend on various other variables, such as the size of the filter. An efficient tank can be useless if it is built into a small filter. Understand that an in-ground pool with three-inch pipes can have a three horsepower pump.
You will also need to choose one, two, or a regulated pump. Single-speed models tend to be slow moving and also use a lot of power. Always choose a two-speed pool pump or a variable speed version. Keep this in mind to purchase an efficient and effective pool pump.


Nowadays, you can appreciate your in-ground pool on warm days by knowing how long the pump will run. Be sure to set a pump timer. Not running the swimming pool pump can also have a negative effect on the life of the pump.

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