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Booster Pump Overview

Bur-Cam 506547SSZ 3/4 HP Stainless Steel Shallow Well Jet Pump System
Water is the most important thing in our life, without it our life will surely go down the drain. We don’t even notice it when the water supply is lacking. But as soon as the water starts to enter our house intermittently we feel the lack of water.

It is at such moments that the booster pump comes to the rescue. Its main task is to increase the head of water supply systems of residential and any industrial buildings. This also applies to high-rise buildings, which are located on the heights. These water pumps are used in various places: fields, wells, houses or in industrial areas such as construction sites.

The main advantages are:

\\ Reduced footprint due to small footprint design;
\\ Booster pumps maintain a constant water supply at home and elsewhere.
\\ Wide range of delivery and head ranges;
\\ It is a small machine that can be easily transported and installed inside the home. No need for special fixtures to install a booster water pump.
\\ No substantial cost to erect solid foundations;
\\ Cost savings in piping and installation work;
\\ Sealless design, so it does not require special additional maintenance;
\\ Such a pumping station can operate in a flooded room because the pump is sealed;
\\ Noiseless operation.
\\ Environmentally friendly.

Operating principle:

booster pump
Such installations are most often used for the irrigation of vegetable gardens, the device of water supply systems or pumping water from swimming pools, basements or cellars.

Choosing a vacuum pump for a water well, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:Maximum and minimum pressure levels;
The outlet pressure value at the outlet section;
The speed of water pumping.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account:

\\ Manufacturer;
\\ Service life;
\\ Length of warranty;
\\ Materials and quality of the product

Vacuum pumps are a special kind of pumping equipment, designed for pumping water, however, they can also pump gas or liquid mixed with gas out of hermetic cavities.

The principle of operation of a domestic vacuum pump for pumping water is based on the process of displacement. The vacuum value is related to the degree of tightness of the working surface, which can be adjusted and thus the pressure in certain areas can be increased or decreased to the required values.
It is available in two versions, an electric booster pump and a fuel pump. For indoor use, the electric water pump is recommended, since fuel-powered operation can produce smoke.

The unit is a compact design, which makes it possible to use it in the construction of industrial facilities and modernization of old ones. And what is important, capital costs are reduced, as well as the area of installation and operating costs. The use of such pumping stations is fully justified.


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