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Give Your Pool A New Life With Remodelling

No matter how well you take care of your pool, eventually you will find that it will still look “tired” . Chlorine stains, stained concrete, and a lack of cement for the floor tiles are all signs that it’s time for a little renovation. How to renovate an old pool . Upgrades are also great if you dream of a pool with a hot tub, or if you want to set up a barbecue area. Everyone knows that a pool is a big investment, but it’s up to you to make sure it looks brand new for as long as possible!

Pool remodeling So where do you start with upgrades?

Pool remodeling isn’t just a design or ceramic tile upgrade, it’s a serious construction task. Compared to an initial swimming pool installation, a renovation is a lot of work – and it’s important to understand that a renovation takes twice as long as a brand new pool installation. The design of a swimming pool may vary, but the pipes, electrical and other systems that are part of the pool installation will be extra. When you remodel an existing pool, you are turning it into a brand new swimming pool. If you have a pool that no longer looks as new and clean as before, it might seem that enough to paint it and it becomes, like new again! But always remember that, the pool – it’s not just a box. Swimming pool – it is a complex ecosystem that can be disturbed by the wrong kind of redevelopment. A pool requires constant attention to maintain high water quality, so any work you do on the pool should be done with that in mind.

Where to start the redesign process ?

Get rid of the old tiles.
Removing old tile and replacing it with new ceramic tile is a messy and time consuming procedure, and the hardest part of any pool redesign job. So what to use instead of the old tiles? The most well-known options are fiberglass, tile and plastic. Removing the old ceramic tile on your pool floor can be a daunting task. You need to know how to do it right, if you are not confident in your abilities, let the professionals do it! As this will prevent damage to the pool and also cannot potentially injure you.

Install a New Pump

Pool remodeling Before installing a new pump, you should understand that the pump is the heart of your pool, and that it is responsible for distributing the water and cleaning it. You should also understand that pumps come in different sizes. The very first step in installing a pump is to measure the size of your current pool pump.
Typically, pool pumps are stored in a shed or garage by the pool. These pumps are usually very powerful, and their motors need to be replaced after a certain period of time. Nevertheless, you should additionally make sure that there are spare parts that are conveniently available before you purchase a replacement pump. Installing a brand new pool repair pump is an exceptional way to upgrade your pool.

Change your pool lighting

If you want to replace your pool lighting perhaps, be sure to look into LED lights. These are currently the most popular type of lighting on the market because not only are they great for pool lighting, however they are also durable.