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Eating natural foods, taking the time to plan meals and snacks. Pre-planning is the key! Low carbs, lots of protein, healthy fats and plenty H20

Supplements & Drugs; none!


Strength Training; Mon, Wed & Fri doing big compound exercises that hit the big muscle groups.

Cardio; currently none.

Next Weigh in:


ReBoot Stats


Weight: 287lb

Body Fat: 44.7%

Muscle: 25.1%


Weight: - 21.6lb

Body Fat: - 3.3%

Muscle: + 1.6%


Weight: 308.6lb

Body Fat: 48.0%

Muscle: 23.5%


Before you start any exercise program or change your diet please contact your doctor before doing so.

Train safe! Eat healthy! :-)

Tag: Turbulence Training

Take Ownership of Your Fat Loss!

Now those of you that have been following Discipline or Regret since I started it back in January 11th 2008 will remember that I started it with Hydroxycut Hardcore and that sent my heart pounding and my blood pressure went into orbit and it was into the bin with them. I started my workouts with […]

A New Beginning: Workout Decisions & A Long Way Down

With the holidays over I started working out again; the sweating and burning felt good. My wife bought me some whey protein today so that was a surprise. I am guessing that she felt sorry for me having to change my plans in regards to joining a gym. Daniel will be starting play school next […]

Five Reasons Why Turbulence Traning is for You!

There is a mountain of workouts out there and if you keep digging you’ll get old and die before you get finished. So let me give you five reasons why you should stop your searching and take on Turbulence Training to blast the fat and shape up a stronger and healthier body; #5: IT’S BASED […]

Enemy In The Mirror

I wrote this as a guest post for Steve at No More Fat Dad. Check it out! The biggest challenge about accomplishing something great is overcoming our self. We hold the keys to our success or our failure, which key we use is up to us. We are born into this world kicking and screaming […]

Metabolism: The Golden Key to Fat Burning

What is metabolism? How does it help me burn fat? Are there such things as a slow and fast metabolism? How can I speed up my metabolism? How can I keep my metabolism burning fat throughout the day? These are the main questions that I kept asking myself when I started to educate myself about […]

No Dumbbells… but you have a body right?

Here is an awesome bodyweight workout for those of you who want a really grilling challenge.  Who better to show you how to do it with form, no other than Craig Ballantyne, author of the Turbulence Training manuals. enjoy! httpv://

Turbulence Training: The Review

Ok I wanted to do this review after I have put the ‘Turbulence Training for Fat Loss’ into practice a bit. I need to know that something works before I spew out about how good it is. Well so far I have lost 6lbs on the program. I didn’t use Turbulence Training at the start […]

Saturday, March 22nd – We Are Getting Better!

I have had a bit of a relapse so I’m coughing and spluttering again. Susan is on the mend and getting better.  Daniel is back in top gear and his temp is normal and he is driving us all up the wall again. I am looking forward to this Monday’s workout, I’ll be jumping into […]

My 6th Weigh-in – A Bit of a Wet Fish Really! :(

Yaaahhh!!! Not good for this weigh-in.  But I need to remember, that the scales don’t rule and they are not giving me all the feedback on my fat loss and muscle building.  I am not letting this rock me; I am confident that once I get into Turbulence Training that I will start blasting my […]

It’s Time For Some Turbulence!

Steve from No More Fat Dad as introduced me to the Turbulence Training program. Turbulence Training was (and still is) developed by Craig Ballantyne CSCS. Do you see the letters after his name? Craig Ballantyne CSCS Then look at my name; Andrew Scott See no letters. The letters mean that he knows more about throwing […]