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Eating natural foods, taking the time to plan meals and snacks. Pre-planning is the key! Low carbs, lots of protein, healthy fats and plenty H20

Supplements & Drugs; none!


Strength Training; Mon, Wed & Fri doing big compound exercises that hit the big muscle groups.

Cardio; currently none.

Next Weigh in:


ReBoot Stats


Weight: 287lb

Body Fat: 44.7%

Muscle: 25.1%


Weight: - 21.6lb

Body Fat: - 3.3%

Muscle: + 1.6%


Weight: 308.6lb

Body Fat: 48.0%

Muscle: 23.5%


Before you start any exercise program or change your diet please contact your doctor before doing so.

Train safe! Eat healthy! :-)

BALANCE; The Art of Living

Everything about my fat loss success so far has been because of balance, but I have found that the art of balance goes much deeper than I once thought.

Everything about a successful living is due to balance!

For my current quest it is essential that I have a perfect caloric balance to see the fat go but the muscle come, also the right balance of nutrients; protein, carbohydrates, fats for each meal and how much water I drink. Also when I workout, my balance of cardiovascular and resistance training so that I keep blasting fat but keep building muscle.

But looking outside this (my nutrition and exercise) I have a balance of life tasks, which is bringing me great living and it is sinergizing (it that a real word?) my life as a whole.

For example; I wake up at 4am (every day); I use this time for prayer & Bible study, study for my up and coming personal training diploma, planning new workouts, planing what I am going to eat next week, reading and the odd morning (maybe once or twice per month I’ll watch a movie.  So what this does for me is it gives me 17 and a half undisturbed hours per week (my family is still asleep) to invest in important things, that’s 70 hours a month! 😮 that I invest in my families live spiritually and for future plans and projects.

So where is the balance?

When my family wakes up at 6.30am (normally) then I am ready to make them breakfast (family time) then when I come home from work I get to spend time with my wife and son (family time), then my weekends are free (family time). There is no point in me investing in my family and our future if I don’t spend any time with them, this strikes a big balance in my life. I use the time that my family doesn’t need (4:00 – 6:30 am they are asleep) and then the time that they do need me for, from when they wake up and when I come home from work, until we all go to bed.

Now I am not saying that you need to get up at 4am to have a successful balanced life with your family, this is how I do it, this is how I strike a balance in my life that works for me.  I am a morning person, in fact I am a super-morning person, waking up at 7am is a lie in for me :-)

What our task is is to find out how to balance everything we do so that everything gels together and complements each other. For example watching too much TV and playing video games is destroying so much in our generation because it’s unbalanced, the scales have tipped!

Balance I have found takes time, you need to work it out, plan it, fail at trying to achieve it (without giving up), learn from it, review it, tickle it….. ok you don’t have to tickle it but you have to work all the creases out of it and perfect it.

Here is something that I started with and it is so simple but can be a powerful catalyst in someone’s quest for a balanced life;


  • Work = 8 hours

  • Rest = 8 hours

  • Play = 8 hours

Total = 3,567,999 hours! :-) LOL!

Ok so it all adds up to 24 hours, I found that a great place to start my life evolving into a balanced life that I could be proud of and see all the part of my life work together for the better.

I hope this helps you in your quest for balance, the art of living.

Mid-Week Motivation: Focus Small to Aim Big

One thing that I have found to be very powerful in this fat-blasting-life-changing journey is that the short-term goals can be really powerful; but so many of us (including me) neglect them.

We have a goal and a dream to get to 13st (182lbs), to become a pilot, to getting promoted, to getting married, etc. But sometimes focusing too much on the end goal keeps us from getting to the end goal, does that make sense?

This is where the S and the T in the SMARTER principle come in; be specific and be targeted!

The goal to become a pilot is specific, but targeting yourself to reach the end goal is going to be made up of little small powerful goals that will create your destination.

For example, this year my small goals have been; getting to the next tens, from January I was in the 280’s so getting to the 270’s was the goal, then getting to the 260’s, and so on. And by the end of March running had come into my weekly routine, so small goals with that were formed; walk/jog, jog/run/stop/jog/run/stop, jog/run, RUN/RUN!! 😛 Goals to increase my running pace once I had conditioned myself to not stopping and walking on a run.

All these little goals have brought me success so far this year that I am really happy with;  I have come down from 282lbs (20.2st)  to a current 222lbs (15.12st) and I can run 6 miles without stopping and my 14:57 mi/m pace is now 10:38 mi/m.

All these little power goals should not be neglected as they form and drive us to the end goal, the big dream!

What’s the Scoop on Tone Up Shoes, Do They Really Work?

I was asked by a friend about how good tone up shoes were, so I have looked into it a little and here is what I have found;

The whole theory behind these shoes (no matter the brand) is they create a unbalanced walking experience causing you to engage more muscles.  Now initially this is true and I am pretty sure (and I don’t even have to try wear them first) that you will start to feel muscular pains in the butt, calves and glutes.

But the way they are selling and marketing them, I find not so honest.

Lets look at the fit person, already at their target weight, I believe these shoes will give them results, but for how long will they see results I don’t know.  Remember muscles need to keep on being challenged to change.  So after a year will your muscles have gotten use to them and they are no longer a challenge, I am thinking the challenge for your muscles will have gone.

Now lets look at the person with that extra baggage.  I think these shoes will not give you the glamorous results that the advertisements show.  You will also feel the muscle changes and will be challenged but the slight tone and changes that you’ll have in muscle will be buried underneath….. dan dan dan…. the extra fat that’s rolling around! :-(

Remember you can’t spot reduce; you can’t target a body-part and hope to reduce the fat in that particular area. You need to workout the whole body and then body-fat will gradually be reduced in the area that you also wish.

OUTCOME: I believe these tone up shoes are yet another fad that tell us “hey you can get the results but you don’t have to work hard for them!”  Remember there are no short cuts to total body fitness.  I truly believe these kind of shoes are not worth the big price tag. Why not use your money wisely and take a few sessions with a personal trainer, were you will learn proper ways to lose body fat and get real results.

Have have given you my opinion on these but here is also a video that you can watch.


Study Nugget: Energy Systems

The body has three ways that it produces energy.  Two of these are anaerobic (without oxygen) and the third is aerobic (with oxygen);


This energy system does not require oxygen, it’s very explosive, the intensity of the activity will be at about 95-100% MHR. It fatigues very quickly about 0-10 seconds. The activities that use this energy system are short and explosive, requiring short bursts of maximal effort; weightlifting, 100m sprint, golf swing, etc.


This is also an anaerobic, it is rapid (not as explosive as the CP system), the energy source comes in the form of glycogen and it produces a waste product called Lactate Acid (that burning sensation in the muscles), this system can go on for longer than the CP system around 1-3 mins. The level of intensity will be around 60-95% MHR.


As it name states this is the aerobic energy system, so the speed of energy production is slow and not quick to fatigue. Its energy source is glycogen and fat. It occurs in low intensity activities up to 60% MHR; running a marathon, swimming, etc.

Weigh-in 94: Almost There!

Ok I ditched another 2lbs this week brining me down to 222lbs (15st & 12lbs), so I am almost on top of my initial goal of 220lbs, which I am hoping to smash through at next weeks weigh-in.


I booked my flight to Trowbridge this week which really made everything real for me, I mean my mind got a shock and I realised that I am actually going to do this! I will be leaving on August 19th; this is good as I will have a few days to get familiar with my surroundings before the course starts on the 23rd.

I also handed in my notice at work this week, which also added to the thrill of really getting ready to head into a new, challenging and exciting new chapter of this story.


Even though booking the flight and handing in my notice were high’s, they are equally lows as it means that in less than 5 weeks I will be leaving them for nearly 3 months :-( another blow to this was our plan to have my wife’s cousin come from Indonesia to stay while I was away, and we just got word that the visa application had been refused; we are currently attempting to appeal this decision.


I am aiming to get down another 3lbs for next week’s weigh-in which will bring me down to 219lbs (15st & 9lbs), I am still hoping (and I know that it’s still possible) for me to get to 210lbs (15st) before I leave for Trowbridge. Sign up to my RSS feeds (top-left sidebar) and you will get any future Discipline or Regret news delivered straight into your inbox!

Five Weeks Unitl Premier!

I can’t believe that it’s only five weeks away until I head off to Premier in Trowbridge, Wiltshire for 10 weeks to do my diploma in personal training.  I remember back in January when I put down my deposit (and weighing in at 282lbs (20st and 2 pounds) thinking that I had a life time to wait.

Now it’s nearly upon me! In the fat loss department I am happy with my progress so far, as for the muscle department I wish my gains were better than I have now, and finally the study department is going ok, I have completed all the pre-course (online) material and I am continuing to take 2 to 3 eClasses per week.

I think the heaviest thing on my mind at the moment about going is having to say good-bye to my wife and son for 10 weeks! :-(

Since my wife and I have been married we have only spent one night apart! My wife couldn’t sleep and my son was wondering where I was, and I didn’t sleep either :-(

I know that getting this diploma is so huge for my little family and I, and the time of separation will be well worth it; but it’s not going to be easy! :-(

But then thinking about being a qualified personal trainer by the end of 2010 is going to be an awesome achievement, if I do say so myself :-)

How To Lose Two Pounds Per Week

Lets be reminded of the basics, gosh they make it sound so easy!


Mid-Week Motivation: If You’ve Planned, Relax!

We have come to the hump of the week again, COME ON KEEP GOING! You are doing great!

If you have planned (goal setting) then you need to relax and take it easy! Enjoy the process, believe in the process!

Most of you know I am a fan of the SMARTER principle for setting goals, basically because it works!

If you haven’t seen the SMARTER principle before then check it out and use it to shape and give life to your dreams!

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Achievable

  • Responsible

  • Targeted

  • Empowering

  • Revisable


The goal should be specific. Wanting to “put on 7lbs of muscle in 6 months” is a specific goal, but if you say “loose some weight”, or “put on some muscle” it’s not a specific. Sharpen up your goal, what exactly do you want to achieve?


Your goal should be measurable. How are you going to keep track of your progress? Some of the ways that you can measure fitness/weight loss goals are; waste-to-hip ratio, weigh-ins, using body fat calipers, step-up test, push-up test, running a mile and retesting this in 2 months, etc you can really get out the box with the amount of tests that you can do to measure your progress.


Making goals that you can’t achieve will just add to that catalogue of past failed attempts that you have had. Setting goals like “losing 10lbs in 1 weeks” will only cause you to fail, you should only be trying to lose about 2lbs (maybe 3lbs per week). Losing weight is already a tough thing without making it mission impossible!


Be responsible with your life. Maybe your going to set fitness goals and maybe your not, but remember that there should be a balance to your life; you have family, friends, your faith, other hobbies, life responsibilities that cannot (and should not) be shelved when you are working towards your goals.


What are you doing to reach your goals? If it is to lose 2lbs per week, then what are you doing to make this happen? Hire a personal trainer for a month and they will educate you in nutrition and exercise to be able to make this happen, go on that finance course that will equip you with the knowledge to pay off your loans and own your own home, etc. You need to be targeted and put into action things that will lead you to your goals.


The journey to your goals should be empowering and enrich your life and those close to you. It should be an enjoyable journey (I didn’t say it won’t be difficult), where you learn and grow.


Goals should grow and change with you, especially a fitness goal! As you are getting stronger, faster, more confident; then your goals should also adapt to you.  Don’t be afraid to change your goal. If your goal to lose 50lbs was too much then change it to 25lbs and then who knows what will happen when you reach this goal.

This is what I have been using to lose 74lbs and I am also getting stronger, have more endurance, have more power, am increasing in my knowledge of nutrition and exercise and am becoming much more confident and driven. I encourage you, use the SMARTER principle to achieve your goals and live your dreams!

Long Over Due Progress Photos!


Study Nugget: Spinal Column

Click to Enlarge

I thought that I would share a little about the spinal column for the second Study Nugget as I am really trying to have this solid in my memory; to be able to discribe its make up.

There are 5 parts to the spinal column;

  • Cervical (with 7 vertebrae)

  • Thoracic (with 12 vertebrae)

  • Lumbar (with 5 vertebrae)

  • Sacral (with 5 vertebrae which are fused together)

  • Coccygeal (with 4 vertebrae which are fused together)

So there are 24 vertebrae in total and each vertebrae has a spinal canal which the spinal cord runs through.