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Eating natural foods, taking the time to plan meals and snacks. Pre-planning is the key! Low carbs, lots of protein, healthy fats and plenty H20

Supplements & Drugs; none!


Strength Training; Mon, Wed & Fri doing big compound exercises that hit the big muscle groups.

Cardio; currently none.

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ReBoot Stats


Weight: 287lb

Body Fat: 44.7%

Muscle: 25.1%


Weight: - 21.6lb

Body Fat: - 3.3%

Muscle: + 1.6%


Weight: 308.6lb

Body Fat: 48.0%

Muscle: 23.5%


Before you start any exercise program or change your diet please contact your doctor before doing so.

Train safe! Eat healthy! :-)

The Last 28 Months…

So as you saw on my last post back when I was jet setting off to Indonesia on holidays before I opened my PT business in 2011, let me fill you in on the last 2 years and 8 months.

We had a nice Christmas holiday (2010), we stayed in my wife’s village and I had a mountain at my doorstep to play with, so I did many mountain runs, which were not easy with temperatures of 32-35C and high humidity.

Upon returning home I hit the ground running, hard advertising my new business; flyer dropping, posters up, taking on clients who would recommend me to their friends, three months in and disaster hit, my left hip got to the stage where I couldn’t workout, and couldn’t even demo exercises with people… so the business came to a sharp stop.

After closing the business and needing to find a job, which was a slow and not very fruitful. This led me to a journey into quite a depressive state…

So I couldn’t workout, I had to give up my running (I loved my morning runs!)… I hung on for a while with my healthy eating… but as I still gained weight, in fact it felt like the weight came back over night!

So since then I have been working temp jobs here and there unable to get anything permanent, struggling with depression, and eating for comfort, things have been looking dim lately.

So lets fast forward until now; I have just finished a job that lasted a year, so I am back job hunting again. But I wouldn’t say I am in a state of depression now (thank God!) I have a second wind in me (thank God!) and a renewed determination to get back into shape and beat the blubber again!

So last week (12th – 18th Aug 2013) I wrote myself a nutrition plan, shed an encouraging 13 lb! (But hey, I have still a lot more to go, it’s early days yet.

Now for this week, I put together a workout that I hope will get me burning fat and building muscle again without causing too much pain to my hip, or even bugger it up even more than it is. Basically a whole body progressive program for the next 3 months.

That’s it folks, I came, I succeeded, I crashed and burned and now it’s time to pick myself up and get on with it again! Discipline or Regret right? :-)

 So stay tuned in, and sign up to my Feedburner to keep up to date and I’ll be back posting and hopefully will see things turning around for the better.

Take care,


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