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Eating natural foods, taking the time to plan meals and snacks. Pre-planning is the key! Low carbs, lots of protein, healthy fats and plenty H20

Supplements & Drugs; none!


Strength Training; Mon, Wed & Fri doing big compound exercises that hit the big muscle groups.

Cardio; currently none.

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ReBoot Stats


Weight: 287lb

Body Fat: 44.7%

Muscle: 25.1%


Weight: - 21.6lb

Body Fat: - 3.3%

Muscle: + 1.6%


Weight: 308.6lb

Body Fat: 48.0%

Muscle: 23.5%


Before you start any exercise program or change your diet please contact your doctor before doing so.

Train safe! Eat healthy! :-)

Weigh-in 97: Birthday Week :-)

I worked really hard this week, but I am not disappointed that the scales didn’t go down.  You see 32 years ago today I was born, so it’s my birthday today :-) yesterday I was at a Chinese buffet with my wife and son, and today I was out for a big chunky steak with my all my family 😛

These are the times when losing weight you just have to take a deep breath and know that you’ll be back on track tomorrow and it’s ok to let go (just a little), I was very pleased with myself, I did eat some normally forbidden foods but I stayed away from the beer :-) LOL so this makes me feel good… I am sure that I’ll be out for a beer upon graduating from Premier at the end of October :-)


This week my high is I am just happy that I didn’t gain any new weight :-)


I am beginning to feel the time get close that I will have to leave my wife and son, so this feels very heavy on me at the moment :-( I know that we’ll get through it and it’ll all be worth it in the end.

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