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Eating natural foods, taking the time to plan meals and snacks. Pre-planning is the key! Low carbs, lots of protein, healthy fats and plenty H20

Supplements & Drugs; none!


Strength Training; Mon, Wed & Fri doing big compound exercises that hit the big muscle groups.

Cardio; currently none.

Next Weigh in:


ReBoot Stats


Weight: 287lb

Body Fat: 44.7%

Muscle: 25.1%


Weight: - 21.6lb

Body Fat: - 3.3%

Muscle: + 1.6%


Weight: 308.6lb

Body Fat: 48.0%

Muscle: 23.5%


Before you start any exercise program or change your diet please contact your doctor before doing so.

Train safe! Eat healthy! :-)

Archive for 'Just For Laughs'

My Running Incident! :-P

I thought that I’d try out a pair compression shorts and see if they live up to the hype.  So I got myself a great deal for some white Under Armour at £7.99. After deciding that they were too kinky to be running around in under 4 inch shorts I opted to wear them under […]

VOTW: Just me Goofing Around!

I was goofing around here with the bloatware that’s still on my laptop LOL! httpv:// No Andrew was harmed in the making of this video!

A Little Monday Laugh

Only Great Minds Can Read This

This is weird, but interesting! fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can. i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno’t […]

Little Show Off!

I had to share this with you guys! Normally my son will go really quiet when the camera comes out, but not today… have a look! httpv:// httpv://

Funny Animation

I thought that you might get a chuckle out of this. Enjoy! httpv://

Thai Health Commercials….FUNNY!!!



Did you know that the days of the week all have specific meanings? Well they do, let me show you. Let’s start with how the days are made up, they are made up from a partial word at the beginning, then a whole word at the end, which is ‘day’, the meaning of this is […]

Video of the Week: Death

This is really well done, way to go folks at “Just For Laughs”. httpv://